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Goon hard or Goon home

For instant unwanted childbirth!

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The official goon bag community - made by aussies for aussies, who truly only know the meaning of this boxed luxury!

god yes drink meGOON (Our definition) = Cheap box wine, usually contained in a silver foil bag inside a cardboard box (when bottled it is known as Passion Pop). Usually only consumed at parties when funds are low, or if there is nothing else to drink. Often so sweet it hurts, it comes in red or white. Excessive goon consumption can cause severe bungeye in some people. When it appears to be empty, a goon box can be ripped open and the foil bag squeezed to yield one final cupful (or in cases of extreme drunkenness squeezed straight down the throat). Goon-punch is a slightly more acceptable beverage, however many people avoid all forms of goon like the plague. The most widely feared flavour of goon is Buronga Ridge Fruity Lexia, a brand infamous for its ability to result in sex between random strangers. Beware!

Whether it's Fruity Lexia or piss in a bag, we love our goon!

seriously, start posting your goonhead pictures & share your gooning stories HERE!
Time to hit the flaggin' guys
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