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why is it that nobody understands the value of a good valentine's day present? surely anyone must realise that the best present ever is an icy bottle of passion pop and a box of nangs....
Bless Miss America

wentworth new south wales here i come

how fucken hot is this!!

apparently it holds up to 400,000 litres of goon!!! all they need now is 'the big car' in which to drink it, and 'the big gutter' to vomit into fifteen minutes later.

if anyone's thinking of making a 'the big aborignal' joke, i'm sure we could just hire casey donovan. she may get some work this year after all...

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oh for goon
please please come back to me
in europe at the moment but i was please to find in berlin they have spanish goon boxes of 3 litres?
every country has dodgey passion pop like stuff which comforts me late at night

Goon Goonie Goon Goon Goona Goon Gang

If you can find it, try Golden Oak Fruity Lexia. This goon actually tastes good. It's magical. And no one I know drinks from the cask anymore - it's "let's take out the bag and carry it around the suburbs of the Gold Coast". If any cops say anything, you can make fun of them for knowing what goon looks like ;-)

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to anyone of the goon chapter in perth,
this friday is my 21st birthday to be held on the 15th (this thursday) at nu vibe nightclub on william street
the party is the "socialites and sodomites" ball
password on the door for free entry is "sporty spice is a bisexual alien"
so feel free to get smashed and come on by....
music is:
indie, alternative, nu wave, no wave, retro and electro clash