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Goon, oh my goon.

I love you goon, but it's an abusive relationship. Why do you make me sick to my stomach when i spend too much time with you? Why do you beat my skull from the inside out? Why do you always decieve me, lie to me in your pretty, pretty cask, which promises so much and leaves me so dehydrated? I'm going to have to leave you. The only problem is that i don't know where i left you. Are you in my fridge again? Perhaps somewhere in my bed, where i fell asleep holding you? But i think the most unforgivable crime you've comitted is this mornings. You made me sleep through Yu-Gi-Oh GX. Oh goon, don't you understand how many of the characters from that show i would like to put my penis into? I'm sorry goon, this is the end. Untill we meet again... or you show up in my bed... or fridge..

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