October 21st, 2006


I can't believe this is on wikipedia

I'm hoping that all you devoted goonheads are already well learnt in the drinking game that is good of fortune. If you are not, here is a rundown courtoesy of wikipedia, which I was browsing today for drinking games instead of studying for the hsc.

Goon of Fortune
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Goon of Fortune, also known as Wheel of Goon (derivatives of the television game show Wheel of Fortune), is a drinking game that originated in Australia. Some might claim it is one of the most quintessentially Australian games, as it takes advantage of two Australian inventions: cask wine (goon), and the Hills Hoist.

The game is played by pegging up one full internal bag of cask wine (goon) taken from a bag in a box to each of the four corners of a Hills Hoist (rotary clothesline).

Once the bags have been pegged, the contestants stand around the Hills Hoist, and it is spun around. As it spins, contestants traditionally shout out "Goon... Of... Fortune!" And when it comes to a halt, the closest contestant to each bag must drink deep of its contents - ten seconds at least.

Whoever is left standing when the bags are empty is declared the winner. The general rules for disqualification are as follows:

* A contestant leaves to urinate.
* A contestant vomits.
* A contestant fails to drink from the bag.
* A contestant passes out.
* A contestant falls over and is unable to stand securely.

In general, a good game of Goon of Fortune contains different types of goon, to give contestants some variety. There should be at least one white wine, one red wine, and one fruity lexia. The fourth bag can be any of the above, although a goon bag of port or sherry (double the alcohol content of regular goon) can be used for enhanced hilarity.

Goon of Fortune has made an appearance in both John Birmingham's He Died With A Felafel In His Hand and its sequel The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco.



So who has played it before? HMM? comment with your stories of hilarity!
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